THIS MONTH'S QUESTION:  Do you formally monitor customer satisfaction?

Yes: 59% 

  • We poll every patient through SolutionReach. Joseph M. Smay, OD, Family Eye Care, Pittsburgh, PA
  • We use Demandforce reviews. Angel Miller, Cynthiana Vision Center, Cynthiana, KY
  • With Survey Monkey we ask 10 simple questions and give the opportunity for written comments. It is on the patient to go to our website and fill out the survey but once a quarter, we draw a winner for a $100 gift card for completing them. Sarah Jerome, OD, Look+See Eye Care, Minneapolis, MN
  • Every patient is sent a WebSystems 3 online survey. We read all responses and reply when necessary. Dave Schultz, OD, Urban Optics, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • An online survey is automatically sent out by AutoRemind. We have a weekly staff meeting where we read the reviews and discuss them. Kathy Maren, Comb EyeCare & Eyewear, Western Springs, IL
  • We use Solution Reach as our service to measure this. We put our entire focus on the Net Promoter Score as that tells us whether or not the guests are active referring new guests to us or away from us. Ted McElroy, OD, Vision Source Tifton, Tifton, GA
  • We call customers about a week after dispensing to ask how they are doing and to remind them to stop by if we can help them with their purchase. It's also an opportunity to remind them about second pairs. Elizabeth Reid, Vision Associates, Hayes, VA
  • Follow up telephone call; thank you letter with response card, if the card is sent back they receive a gift card. BJ Chambers, Carrera Optical, McQueeney, TX
  • We use Solution Reach for our CRM system, after a patient is seen by the doctor they receive a request for a survey. This gives us a good idea where we are excelling and falling short so we can plan training sessions with our staff to get better. Josh Bladh, Dr. Bladh OD, Diamond Bar, CA
  • Every customer receives an email the day after their exam/dispense. Many of our customers fill out an online review or survey. Any negative reviews are responded to and reconciled immediately. Leah Johnson, Central Texas Eye Center, San Marcos, TX
  • There is an automatic e-mail sent to the patient after their appointment. It's an easy 5-star survey with about five questions. They also get a text or e-mail two days after their glasses/contacts are dispensed to make sure things are going well. Heather Harrington, Elevated Eyecare, Denver, CO
  • We send out a survey to all our patients after their visit. It has several satisfaction questions that they are asked to rate us on and then an open comments section. Christine Howard, Attleboro Vision Care, Attleboro, MA

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  • Just started emailing surveys to all dispensed customers. Ron Catterson, Clear View Optix, The Villages, FL
  • We monitor satisfaction by sending every patient a survey when they leave the office. We review the surveys and call patients if they express that their experience was any less than amazing. Michelle Wright, DePoe Eye Center, Sharpsburg, GA
  • We send hand written thank you cards to patients who complete online surveys. We also call patients who had a question or concern in their survey. Bethany Cassar, Complete Eye Health, Holland, MI
  • We use Weave which automatically sends out reviews for us and then gives us the feedback if patient takes the time to do it. Samantha Denton, Leadership Square Eyecare, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Eight question carefully curated survey on Solution Reach, emailed out after each patient encounter.  Larah Alami, OD, Hudson River Eye Care, Tarrytown NY

No: 41% 

  • We are having a change in ownership and once the new owners take over, we will look into monitoring this. Sally Greeley, Poulin & Associates Eye Center, Waterville, ME
  • We started a new relationship with Nexus Prime so we started getting survey feedback starting in May. Jeff Grosekemper, Casa De Oro Eyecare, Spring Valley, CA
  • No, but I do monitor social media reviews. Nikki Griffin, EyeStyles Optical and Boutique, Oakdale, MN
  • We are understaffed as it is right now, and we do not have the money to hire someone to do it. Pablo E Mercado, Mount Vernon Eyecare, Dunwoody, GA
  • Our doctor feels we strive on customer service and if there is an issue our patients will bring it to our attention. Betty Aretz, The Eyecare Boutique, Wexford, PA
  • Don't know how to track it formally. Michael Davis, OD, Opti-Care, Eldersburg, MD
  • No, I’m afraid of what I might hear … just kidding! Or am I?? Scott Keating, OD, Vision Trends, Dover, OH
  • Don't always want to hear the truth! Stacey Nutting, The Eye Doctors at CNY Eye Care, East Syracuse, NY
  • We are beginning to realize the importance of asking patients for their feedback. We haven't implemented anything yet, but we are currently brainstorming ways to go about it. Katie Gillenwalters, Clifton Park Eye Care Associates, Clifton Park, NY
  • We don't formally monitor it, but we are also in tune with what the "word" is on the street! Jim Williams, Eye to Eye, Mexico, MO
  • Very small startup business. Don’t have resources or time currently. Megan Sumrall Lott, Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care, Hattiesburg MS

This article originally appeared in the July-August 2018 edition of INVISION. 

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