Reveal your middle name — it's okay

This article originally appeared in the February 2016 edition of INVISION.


Ethel or Elmer, Hortense or Horatio, Wilhemina or Egbert. Whatever your middle name is, you are duty-bound to share it with the world on MIDDLE NAME PRIDE DAY. Fun staff idea: Make up T-shirts with everyone’s middle name printed on them. Gather and have everybody take off their coats for the big reveal. Fun social media idea: Hold a contest to identify the customer with the most unusual middle name.


Today is WORLD COMPLIMENT DAY, not to be confused with National Compliment Day, which was Jan. 24. Why don’t we Calendar writers just pick one day to promote? Because the importance of sincerely and specificially praising those you interact with cannot be overestimated. Use every opportunity you can to be complimentary — today and every other day you open the doors of your business.


This date offers a double scoop of opportunity to show your team how much you care: EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY and SALESPERSON DAY. And at the very least, lunch is on you today. At the very least.


Today is the beginning of SAVE YOUR VISION WEEK. Consider offering a heavily discounted full exam for new customers, and promote it relentlessly. The week before, contact local media outlets to offer an interview on healthy vision habits and danger signs of vision problems.

On Memory Day on February 21, try some exercises to improve your recall.

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” The first phone call happened 140 years ago today, when ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL INVENTED THE TELEPHONE and summoned his assistant from the next room. These days, since texting has replaced dialing for many people, heartfelt voice messages to a few dozen long-lost clients could net you some return business.


“Great to see you, Mrs. ... uhhhh ... Mrs. ... uhhh ...” Is this you? On MEMORY DAY today, let’s try to improve your recall. Watch some of the useful lessons and try some of the exercises at and Spend an hour a week to practice and you’ll see rapid improvement in your ability to remember faces, prices and even characters in the massive cast of The Walking Dead.


On AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION ALERT DAY, make a good health habit go viral by asking your clients to take ADA’s Type 2 Diabetes Risk Test ( Share on your company and personal social media, and encourage staff, family, friends and clients to spread the word, too.


North Torrance Optometry Staff


Torrance, CA

North Torrance Optometry will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016, but its team — led by Dr. Michael Mayeda and Dr. Chad Shimazaki — has more than a century of combined experience. Optician/back office manager Mayra Carranza says the practice serves a primarily Hispanic and Japanese clientele, with a “friendly and fun staff that gets along.”

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MAR. 1 is Plan A Solo Vacation Day. These are great for thinking “big thoughts.”
MAR. 6 is Dentist’s Day. Send a card and gift (flowers or a bottle of wine) along with an invitation to share referrals.
MAR. 8 is International Women’s Day. Highlight top female eyewear designers from around the world.
MAR. 12 is Girl Scout Day. Could you speak to a Girl Scout troop this year about your profession?
MAR. 15 marks the start of March Madness. Get that office pool ready. Maybe this year, someone who actually follows college basketball will be the winner.
MAR. 20 is the First Day Of Spring. Hold a spring sale. Or get serious about spring cleaning.
MAR. 30 is Doctor’s Day. Repeat Dentist’s Day strategy.


Happy birthday, Lady Gaga and your sunglasses


MAR. 28 The former Stefani Germanotta turns 30. Always pushing the edge, the singer, songwriter and actress has been seen in plenty of crazy sunglasses (and cool ones, too, in the video for Tom Ford’s campaign; watch it at Honor her flair with a window display and social media posts.


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