Try selling pet eyewear

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 edition of INVISION.


Woof, woof, it’s PET DAY! You don’t have doggie sunglasses or protective goggles on sale? You should! Yes, these are a real thing, with real benefits for a pet’s sensitive eyes (especially those lovable canines who like to hang their heads out the car window as you drive). The fact that dogs in eyewear are just about the cutest thing on earth is an Instagram bonanza.


Thanks to TAX DAY at the heart of April, the month has become home to a series of money-management dates including National Financial Literacy Month, Financial Awareness Month and 1 Cent Day. When it comes to money, most of us continue to be our own worst enemies. We don’t open 401(k) plans, we incur fees because we “forget” to pay our bills on time, we run credit card balances ... and we persist in making less-than-prudent business decisions. If you don’t have a CPA who specializes in small business or another neutral financial pro to help guide your decisions, book a consultation today.


On RECONCILIATION DAY, think of a relationship (business or personal) that soured, and write a note to that person saying you’d like to bury the hatchet, or just wish them the best in the future. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least it’s an issue you won’t waste any more time thinking about. Not in the mood for reconciliation? It’s also PILLOW FIGHT DAY, an excellent excuse for you and your staff (or your family) to blow off some steam.

On Children's Book Day on April 2, highlight a selection of classic reading for kids.

Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, E.B. White. Offer a nod to the best of children’s literature on CHILDREN’S BOOK DAY by highlighting a selection of favorite works for young readers on your website today. While you’re at it, weave in a subtle reminder that Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time is an even more incredible read with a freshly updated prescription.


It’s GO FOR BROKE DAY. When was the last time you took a really big risk? Life is much more fun if, every once in a while, you push a big stack of chips to the center of the table.


On COLUMNISTS DAY, take a few minutes to reach out to the hard-working folks who give life to your favorite media outlets (especially, ahem, those in your favorite trade mag) to tell them how their work impacts you. For local columnists or bloggers, consider a personalized discount on exams, procedures or eyewear. It could be a good publicity opportunity.


Nothing is less inspirational than a boss who misses with his high fives. To make sure you’re hitting the target on NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY, keep in mind this tip from Wired magazine: Don’t look at the hand. That looming palm is a moving, unpredictable target. Instead, keep your eye on the elbow; that’ll automatically line up your mitts.


Green awareness has never been hotter — sorta like Earth itself, actually. This EARTH DAY, spend some time in your community planting trees or picking up trash. Highlight your selection of eco-frames on your website and social media this week, too.


Island Family Eyecare



“No Fooling — We Are Celebrating 25 Years” reads an ad for this shop, and Dr. David D. Kirscher (left) really did open on April Fool’s Day in 1991. Dr. Scott Brase came to the practice as a patient while in high school, and he is now a partner in the venture. They’ll celebrate the anniversary with an open house and by having fun at work -- as they do nearly every day.

Does your business have an upcoming milestone? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


APRIL is Couple Appreciation Month. Have an all-month special for couples who visit together. Use your social media channels to highlight couples whose taste in eyewear you admire.
APRIL 3 is Hospital Admitting Clerks Day. These can be powerful contacts, especially in smaller towns and rural areas.
APRIL 6 is Plan Your Epitaph Day. How do you want to be remembered?
APRIL 10 is Golfer’s Day. Read our Better Vision article on page 36, and become a master of serving golfers in your town.
APRIL 27 is International Guide Dogs Day. Could your business sponsor a service animal in training?
APRIL 30 is Go Birding Day. Do you have an appropriate frame style (small, round, tight fit) for bird-watchers?


Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth and your glasses


APR. 21 April 21. England’s monarch has sophisticated, if conservative, taste in eyewear, with brands like Lindberg and Silhouette in her collection. Her glasses are supplied by London optician Roger Pope (, whose website bears an unusual and highly desirable special decoration — a British royal seal with the words “By Appointment To Her Majesty the Queen” underneath.


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