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This year, GREAT GLASSES PLAY DAY is being held on Saturday and Sunday, which actually makes it more of a Great Glasses Play Weekend, with two chances to help brand your business as a leader in children’s vision in your community. Billed as a “celebration of kids who wear glasses,” the event also aims to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of visual issues in children. Kids who wear glasses (or contacts or patches) gather to play with each other, increasing their comfort and confidence. Sign up to host an event in your community at And don’t forget to like the group’s Facebook page at



You’re with a client and your cellphone rings. You ... a) Answer it within two rings and keep the call brief. b) Ignore it and pretend someone else’s phone is ringing. c) Apologize and turn the phone on silent mode. d) Apologize, step away from the table, and take the call. If you don’t know the answer, you need to brush up on your manners during NATIONAL ETIQUETTE WEEK, which starts today. (But of course, you knew it was C. Bottom line: Etiquette is not about rules, it’s about being considerate.)


Each May, Washington uses NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK as an opportunity to pay tribute to the way small businesses power the national economy, but unfortunately, that’s where it usually stops. This election year is a good opportunity to get active in your local business groups to advocate for real solutions to the issues that matter to you, like taxes for online purchases and relief from regulatory burdens.


The latest cinematic product from the increasingly convoluted Marvel universe, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR opens today. And Robert Downey’s Iron Man character plays a key role, apparently as an antagonist. Which makes it a good opportunity to feature Downey, one of Hollywood’s most prolific and inventive eyewear fans, in your marketing. Blog about some of the star’s most notable eyewear choices over the past decade, while pointing out similar items in your own inventory


It’s MOTHER’S DAY, which means it’s your annual chance to break into the rotation of jewelry, perfume, flowers and spa treatments. Curate a selection of sunglasses by style. Think lifestyle more than age: Is she sporty, glam, practical? Or create a gift package including a coupon for her to pick out her own frame, complete with several price options for lenses.



Basketball and hockey playoffs go into June, but baseball now has the sporting attention of much of the country. That’s why, this month, we bring you two important BASEBALL BIRTHDAYS. One of the best baseball players ever to wear glasses, Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, turns 70 years old today. He’s one of three people to win two World Series MVP titles, one with the New York Yankees and the other with the Oakland A’s. Eric Sogard, also of the Oakland A’s and one of the only MLB position players who regularly wears glasses, turns 30 on May 22.




Eyeshop Optical




Dr. Cynthia Sayers opened EyeShop Optical in 2011, after working at practices in the Columbus area since 2003. “I created EyeShop to be a place where patients feel both seen and heard,” she writes on the “Your Doc” page of the business’ stylish website. EyeShop plans a patient appreciation day to mark five years in business, complete with food — of course! Dr. Sayers is an avid baker — plus a trunk show and plenty of prizes.

Does your business have an upcoming milestone? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


MAY 1-6 is National Pet Week. Post pix of this adorable Sunglass Cat on your social media feeds. invmag.u
MAY 11 is Receptionists Day. Could you offer a discounted eye exam to these office MVPs?
MAY 14 is International Astronomy Day. Might be time to mention your telescope-friendly eyewear.
MAY 16 is Accounting Day. Calculating taxes can be extremely taxing on the eyes. Today, let accountants know about blue-light solutions to preserve their sight.
MAY 18 is Golf Day. Promote your performance golf sunglasses.



Bob Dylan turns 75



MAY 24 This giant of American music played a major role in popularizing one of the world’s enduring sunglass traditions. So for men, run a special on varieties of Dylan’s classic look. And for women, how about a “Lay Lady Layaway” offer?


This article originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of INVISION.

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