WEEK 1 / JULY 4-8

MARKETING Back-to-school shopping will start soon. For the next six weeks, hammer home the importance of annual vision checkups to guarantee better academic performance as well as cool new eyewear for that extra bit of social confidence.

MANAGEMENT Now that half the year’s behind us, review your year-end meeting notes. Were plans made, goals set? Compose a “state of the union” email to your staff reminding them of the group’s direction and how far they’ve come thus far.

SECURITY More than 40 states have passed laws that make business owners liable for protecting sensitive personal information, such as Social Security, driver license or financial account numbers. If you don’t have a plan in place, get cracking.

WEEK 2 / JULY 11-15

EVENT PLANNING Now’s the time to start planning a fall trunk show. Preliminary steps include determining which frame reps to invite, setting a date, and working on a PR strategy.

MANAGEMENT Change your furniture, change your perspective. Move your desk to a different spot in your office. Sounds silly, but it will encourage you to review the status quo.

TRAINING Improve your staff’s question-asking skills with the Probing Game. Staff stands in a line, facing your manager who kicks things off with the statement, “I’ve been looking for something for (insert occasion).” The first salesperson must ask a probing question about the customer’s needs, wants and desires. Fail to come up with one, and she must sit down. Questions must be open-ended (who, what, when, where, how, why or tell me about ...). Yes/no questions result in immediate expulsion. Winner is last person standing.

WEEK 3 / JULY 18-22

IN-HOUSE Review your business’s traffic patterns. Ask some friends or relatives to walk through your business taking photos with their smartphones of anything that catches their eye. These shots will identify points of attraction and dead space, and show you how people move within your business.

STAFF Business can wind down in the summer months, which can be a perfect time for a field trip to your favorite local lab. Work with their manager to coordinate a tour, Q&A, and maybe a surprise stop for ice cream on the way back!

MARKETING Make a list of the top five media outlets you feel your business would benefit most from a mention or feature. Research. Follow them on Twitter, read their archived stories, and reach out to them to introduce yourself.

WEEK 4 / JULY 25-29

IN-STORE Are your walls a little bland? Coordinate with local artists to host new, original artwork on a rotating basis.

SYSTEMS Work on your systems. Write scripts for greeting customers, what to show them, getting contact information, etc.

PLANNING What’s the best month to change your life? It’s just ahead: August. Unlike the stressful New Year period, in August the kids are in school, people have returned from vacation and it’s easy to establish a routine that supports your new goals.

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of INVISION.


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