On NATIONAL FUN AT WORK DAY, we ask: What was the most joy you had in the office this week? One, two … if you’re still thinking, you’ve failed. Every day should include fun, laughter and a playful attitude. Look at any business study and fun is associated with experimentation, better morale and productivity. So lighten up and make a point of asking yourself every Friday, what was the most fun I had this week? 


The MASTERS takes center stage, meaning your golf sunwear should as well. Update your social media with commentary on who’s wearing what.


On this day in 1938, Du Pont introduced polytetrafluouroethylene to the world. To celebrate the 80th BIRTHDAY OF TEFLON, spend the day believing nothing will stick to you — no criticism, no failures, no disappointments. Focused and unafraid, you may just accomplish that long-standing goal you’ve avoided.


TAX DAY. Yours should be done and this is otherwise usually a slow season for ECPs: Perhaps a promotion incentivizing folks to spend their return with you is in order?

This article originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of INVISION.   

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