School will soon start ... as will CHILDREN’S EYE HEALTH AND SAFETY MONTH. This campaign is a useful reminder for parents to take a holistic approach to their kids’ vision — correction, safety and health — with a second pair of lenses. Consider a hefty price cut on pair No. 2. Talk to your lab to see what sort of discount you can offer.


 They swapped clothes, “borrowed” lipstick and cried over boyfriends. Celebrate those bonds on SISTERS’ DAY with a one-day coupon for any sisters who come in the door. 




It could be time to rethink coupons. In 2018, they’re as likely to arrive by phone as mail. During NATIONAL COUPON MONTH, investigate providers like Pocket Deals, Yowza and Coupon Sherpa to see how you might entice nearby shoppers with a digital offer.


On this day in 1998, an oddly named company opened in Menlo Park, CA. Today there’s not a literate person alive unfamiliar with the name. On the ANNIVERSARY OF GOOGLE’S FOUNDING, investigate their free productivity tools (Google Apps), commerce endeavors (Google Now, Google Local, Google Wallet), and other offerings, including Google Goggles, Google Trips, and Google Arts and Culture.

This article originally appeared in the July-August 2018 edition of INVISION. 

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