Smile Right

A real smile originates in the eyes. The mouth-only version looks pasted on; like saying “Cheese!” for a photo. But your eyes are the window to your soul. Practice in a mirror until you get it right, says Paul R. Timm in 50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use to Keep Your Customers.


Holiday Packages

Summer is not over yet and Americans are still heading for the beach, lakes, and mountain trails in droves. Ensure they enjoy their travels safely and in clarity by offering optical travel kits. These could include inexpensive plano polarized suns in a microfiber bag, a travel contacts case with mirror, or a hard clamshell case with a travel cleaner and cloth.”


Keep Debts Honest

Sooner or later a customer will fail to pay, leaving you with no option but to write it off (and possibly send it to collections). Many business owners record the hit against revenue, but Ken Kaufman, author of Impact Your Business, advises against this, so as not to distort the indicators of how your business is actually performing. “You should expense it. It is a cost of doing business and it should not hurt all the work you are doing to correctly recognize revenue,” he writes on the Amex OPEN Forum business blog.


Hip Hiring Hint

Are your hiring guidelines outdated? Kate Peterson, president of Performance Concepts, says these days, “Workers... are less likely to hold jobs for long periods. “Stop tossing applications because the candidate has had five jobs in the past 10 years. It’s the way of the world today.”


Frame of Reference

Overwhelmed by that sea of new frames at VEW? A Pinterest account can help. Before the show, use it to build a list of frames that interest you and captions with key details. (Adding the Pinterest button to your browser makes this easier.) When you reach a vendor you like, use your phone to call up your boards. 


Less Haste & Waste

You know this customer: She’s leaving for Acapulco and needs sunglasses ASAP! Be wary of what you promise, says Tiffany Firer on the Daily Optician blog. “If you’re not 150 percent sure you can get them before she leaves...don’t promise.” Lab re-dos, often due to a rushed order, are expensive and wasteful.


Wall of Frame

Matching a frame to a face is an art. Discerning Eye in Iowa City, IA, shows off its successes on a “Wall of Frame” with professional photos of clients “in their fab new eyewear,” says owner Joni Schrup. They give customers a copy as a thank you.


Share the Cheer

It’s not just the nation’s birthday this month; July and August are the No. 1 period for birthdays for all Americans (almost one in five are born in these two months). Hit your mailing list with a birthday reminder, à la the very sharp marketing crew at Bakersfield Eye Care in Bakersfield, CA. Somebody out there knows somebody who is having a big day.

This article originally appeared in the July-August 2018 edition of INVISION. 


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