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Land of the Free and the Home of the Frames




P.S. I love you.

One of my favorite parts of each issue is going through the Brain Squad Survey results (yes, I read Every. Single. One.). I often laugh out loud at some of the responses. But in addition to the chuckles they evoke, I am just so impressed with how willing you guys are to share your knowledge and expertise. You really are a special group of people and INVISION wouldn’t be nearly as great without you. I love you guys for that.  

It’s also why we started the INVISION Brain Squad Facebook group. Our surveys only go out once a month and we just ask about things we’re working on. But in the group (which will remain closed and only admit enrolled members of our Brain Squad —, you guys can talk about the things that matter most to you whenever you see fit … or you can talk about INVISION. That’s good too. You will even have a direct line to the editorial staff, so if there’s something you’d like to see in print or online, boom! There we are. So, if you aren’t a member of the Brain Squad already – sign up! And if you are, be sure to join the Facebook group and continue making me, and your colleagues, laugh and learn.  

I feel like I am forgetting something … 

America’s Finest, you guys! (Kidding, I would never forget that!) It was such an incredible batch of entries this year and our top three winners (check out page 34) are all so very amazing and different! If you read closely, though, you will catch the biggest thing they all have in common. (Hint: We celebrated it on July 4th.) 

From frame brands, to concept, to philosophy, each of this year’s winners, and a good deal of the Honorable Mentions (you can find them starting on page 46), are fiercely independent … and no that is not a requirement of the contest. I guess when you have the freedom to do whatever you want, the sky is the limit. Let freedom reign! 


Best wishes for your business,

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Dee Carroll

[email protected]

This article originally appeared in the July-August 2017 edition of INVISION.




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