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Lens Focus: Blue Light Filtering Lenses




Red wine in moderation can be good for you. And blue light, too, can be good for your eyes in small daylight doses. But electronic screens and energy-efficient lighting mean we’re all getting a lot more blue light exposure than ever before.

While the long-term consequences of blue light exposure are not yet known, experts believe it can suppress melatonin secretion, which can lead to sleep disruptions, obesity and depression in all ages and ADHD symptoms in children. Macular degeneration may also be hastened. But there’s good news in the rise of lenses, coatings and clip-ons that block harmful blue light while allowing nearly all beneficial light to pass through.

BluTech lenses from Eye Solutions Technologies use an ocular lens pigment that mirror natural protection in the eye to block UV and to filter blue light.

New on the market, eClips Custom Clip Ons with BluTech lenses are an accessory that attach to the frame. “Coatings on lenses can filter some damaging blue light but not all of it,” says eClips founder David Salk. “Many people like BluTech technology but they are turned off by the residual color of BluTech lenses.”

Lenses continue to evolve — Luzerne Optical introduced an almost clear TheraBlue lens in August — but digital devices aren’t going away. With blue light exposure on the rise as a public health issue, now’s the time to talk with patients about how they can protect their vision and overall health. — CAROL GILHAWLEY


This article originally appeared in the September 2015 edition of INVISION.

Vendors of blue-light filtering lenses

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Blue Light Filtering Lenses


David Salk of Focal Point Opticians

David Salk

Focal Point Opticians & eClips Custom Clip Ons, Berkeley, CA

We really need to wake up and embarrass our patients into adopting blue light products for protection. (But) first, I suggest you do some research. Learn from people selling coatings and the BluTech people. I believe it really doesn’t make sense for people to use coatings, which are a partial solution to the problem, when BluTech lenses are available. Tell patients about these products that protect their eyes and their children’s eyes.

Dr. Gary Morgan of Eye Tech Optical


Dr. Gary Morgan

Eye Tech Optical, Peoria, AZ

With our world being illuminated more and more by blue light, the optometric community has a responsibility to not only educate our patients about the effects of blue light, but also to recommend solutions that will protect their vision and overall health. You can prescribe products such as the Sharper Image TechShield, which offers protection by both absorbing and deflecting incoming blue light.

Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

Dr. Heidi Pham-Murphy

Visions Optometry Eyecare & Eyewear, Sacramento, CA

BluTech lenses are used to protect the people of all ages in our practice. Patients are reporting more relaxed eyes and improved sleep patterns. I have had a few patients tell me that after they started wearing the lens for computer work, they started dreaming again, something they don’t remember doing in years. I’ve used the BluTech indoor lens for patients who drive at night and have glare from headlights.




Jump In — the Water’s Fine!

With a salute to summer’s shimmery, mermaid colors and warm weather-loving shades, Kenmark Eyewear celebrates this summer’s Aloha spirit with eyewear from Vera Wang, Kensie, Zac Posen and the Original Penguin Collection!

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Futuristic Tech and Styles That Pull Heavily from the Past

Go back to the future with May’s latest releases.





From the foiled four-leaf clover on the tip to the logo on the temple, the LUCKY BRAND D219 embodies a comfortable, vintage-inspired look. This frame is made with acetate and offers a two-tone effect on its front.

$175 (above)

Spin City

The Velocity 2D from COBURN TECHNOLOGIES kicks things up a notch from its first iteration, as it’s now designed with dual-coating technology, and can be paired with Coburn’s Duality lens detaper and cleaner.

Price upon request


Double Time

The openwork temples and oversized rounded eyeshape combine with a touch of color to give the Givenchy Double Wire style (model 0107) a contemporary-meets-classic sensibility.


Small Footprint, Big Impact

The Curve is an intuitive colorimeter used in treating neurological and light sensitive conditions recently launched in the U.S. by Cerium Visual Technologies.


Way Uptown

One of two limited-edition styles from Eyevan x Dennis Morris, the Uptown is an oversized design from the collaboration between the brand and photographer Dennis Morris. Featuring elements of film negatives, it’s inspired by the suns Morris wore as a young man.



Spacing Out

The new capsule collection from Gigi Barcelona includes the Deep Space, a titanium frame featuring two shades in the lenses. The high-range CR39 lenses offer maximum UV protection.


Protection Connection

Demonstrating the level of protection a patient’s eyes — and eyelids — have from UV exposure, the C-UV400, a tablet-based device from ZEISS, employs a specially designed indoor UV light technology. This device also closes the gap from the industry standard of UV380 for clear lenses.

Price upon request

Grade-A Gradient

The KLIIK DENMARK K-648 is a subtle cat eye in handmade acetate that features double-cut grooves on the end pieces. This style brings seafoam, indigo, grey and sand together for a calming gradient that will have you thinking beach thoughts.


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Champagne Anyone? Plus More Latest Releases for March

Color and style are also invited to the party.




Runway Ready

With a strut all its own, the GIORGIO ARMANI AR 6082 combines a geometric angle with a slightly curved browbar.


Tag! You’re It

Get the latest bar code technology, Op-Tags, custom labels and more from ARCH CROWN. At VEE, save 10% on certain Op-Tags and labels and save

$40 on Arch Crown bar code technology packages.

Prices upon request


Power to Elevate

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual exam room seating options for patients, the Elevate from CHAMPION is a fully powered infusion chair with a lower seat height, easy adjustment, and a small footprint.

Price upon request

Expanding and Enhancing

SHAMIR Glacier PLUS UV is now nationally distributed, with its recent expansion for ordering from VSP One labs. The AR coating offers UV protection and an oleophobic surface, serving as a scratch-resistant dirt repellant.

Price upon request

Garden Party

One of the newest styles from ZAC POSEN, the Truvy combines metal and acetate for an unforgettable feminine design. Crystal acetate is laminated over the floral print acetate.



Good Jeans

The PEPE JEANS 3324 is a matte frame featuring new denim acetate laminations behind the logo.


On the Grid

The upswept rectangular shape of the COCO &BREEZY Clarity is overshadowed only by the textured-but-matching metal layer on the frame’s upper corners.


Champagne, Anyone?

The LEON MAX 6033 is a petite-fit frame that features a champagne crystal front with tort temples and wrapped metal end pieces.


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New Products

Move Over Acetate, These Metal Frames Are Making Moves




Customers are mad about metal, and for good reason: metal frames are durable, comfortable, fashionable and lightweight. And as the technology develops, they keep getting more so. Modern metal moves, and it does so in full color. These innovative and artistic frames will please any metalhead.


Whatever life may throw at you, model MX934 rolls with the punches. (Unless they are thrown at Fight Club.) Made of memory flex titanium, these frames will always return to their original shape. (No comment on the rest of you.)

(800) 323-2409 |


ic! berlin

Now anyone can glitter just like Sven in model Sven H., named after an actual ic! berlin employee who prefers cats and autumn, and is binge-watching Game of Thrones.

(866) 634-8990 | 



Ultra-modern and lightweight model Concord is a cool choice for the stylish gentleman who works in tech … or just wants to look like he does.

(888) 560-1060 |



 Go heavy metal in model H12, double-wire metal frames with hand-hammered finishing and an interlocking crossover metal nose bridge detail. Rock on!

+49 30223675499 |



As beaming model Blush demonstrates oh so well, there is no reason to sacrifice color (or shape) when metal is your material. You can choose both.

(510) 984-0082 |



Comfort meets color in sleek model SI 50149 in on-trend teal, made from ultra-light, 100-percent allergy-free titanium. Hazel eyes not included.

(800) 414-7656 |



Italian-made and designed, luxury model 5467 features temples adorned with Austrian Swarovski crystals, making this jewelry-inspired frame a glamorous statement piece with a big personality.

(800) 645-3710 | 


This article originally appeared in the January 2017 edition of INVISION.

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