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Less Than Half of You Take Time to Strategically Plan at the End of the Year

Nearly 60% of you are just winging it … or planning constantly.




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Yes: 41%

  • I start my strategic planning at the end of August for promotions in December and plan what we are going to do the following year (2O21). — BJ Chambers, Carrera Optical, McQueeney, TX
  • We take off black Friday weekend, with all the stats we collect, and have staff jot ideas to throw around. Then I talk to my accountant to see what we can get away with. — Thomas Trio, OD, Dr. Thomas Trio, Malvern, PA
  • Typically quietly with a nice glass of red, pondering, planning, and scheming how I’ll conquer the world. — Kevin Count, Prentice Lab, Glenview, IL
  • I try to plan out any promotions, events, and frame shows for the next year. Then I work on any marketing material to be printed or used digitally. — Amber Fritsch, OD, Precision Eye Care, Mt. Juliet, TN
  • Pulling reports and board space allocation is top, gathering give-a-ways for the next year, planning out social media posts for eyecare days/events. — Caitlin Wicka, San Juan Eye Center, Montrose, CO
  • We look at all categories and compare to previous years. Then we see how we can increase sales and cut cost of goods. — Miguel Rodriguez, Fava & Maria Eye Associates, Lebanon, PA
  • I do a full day at beginning of the year for staff training offsite and bring in people to teach the staff new things for the year. — Adam Ramsey, OD, Socialite Vision, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • We review marketing, budget, and goals for the following year for staff. We discuss big dreams and goals, as well as review of the previous year. We will set an agenda, and each of us (doctor/owner and office manager) will do our homework ahead of time. Then, we will typically set aside a day or evening to hash everything out. — Jenna Gilbertson, McCulley Optix Gallery, Fargo, ND
  • We look at our office SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and then make goals for the next year. We also look at trends in eyewear and eyecare in general to determine if we are on the correct path or need to pivot a little. — Lee Dodge, OD, Visualeyes Optometry, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Around November we’ll have a staff meeting to discuss and plan events for the upcoming year. Then I meet with my media buyer to align our marketing budget around those events. — Paula Hornbeck, Eye Candy & Eye Candy Kids, Delafield, WI
  • I have to lock myself in a room or take a trip away from any distractions to truly make yearly planning worth it. — Josh Bladh, Dr. Bladh OD, Diamond Bar, CA
  • We have a budgeting meeting, and also marketing strategy meeting for the upcoming year. We structure it based on Internal/External/Community involvement projects. We make sure we have plan, budget, and attention to each category. — Sarah Montes, Hockemeyer Family Eye Care, New Haven, IN
  • I plan them with my office manager. We go over what worked and what could be our opportunities. We then make a plan for improvements and have a staff meeting. — Sherry Morgan, Logan Eye Care, Lake Mary, FL
  • We meet as a team and decide on the common themes for the year. — Star Taylor, Richens Eye Center, St George, UT
  • Brainstorm and make an outline for myself. Meet with my team as a whole. Meet with marketing and key opticians to strategize. — Chris Dudley, Lake Eye Associate’s/Precision Optics, Lake County, FL
  • I set aside time at the beginning of the day to look at schedules, break down profit first tactics and marketing strategies for the upcoming weeks. I like to get here an hour or two before employees and patients to think clearly. Then have time to spend with family in the evenings. — Kyle Henderson, OD, Legacy Eye Care, Yukon, OK

No: 59%

  • I feel like it’s a constant when you are a business owner. — Julie Kubsch, Specs Around Town, Bloomington, IL
  • I know we should but it always seems like something that gets pushed to the back of the line. — Travis LeFevre, Krystal Vision, Logan, UT
  • I think I’m just trying to keep up with what’s in front of me. — Douglas Holle, OD, Sunset Eye Care, San Angelo, TX
  • I should. I think this year will be different. — Sonja Franklin, OD, Modern Eyes, Austin, TX
  • We sometime meet up if the doctor dictates, and discuss what we should do. Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of follow through, so everything remains the same most times. — Kim Hilgers, Monson Eyecare Center, Owatonna, MN
  • No time! Would love to be able to plan. Love the guidance you give in the monthly managers notes. — Pam Peters, Midwest Eye, Downers Grove, IL
  • We strategic plan every month! — Mark Perry, OD, Vision Health Institute, Orlando, FL
  • I have a notebook that follows me everywhere. I have sections in it for creative ideas and future planning. It’s a constant process. — Sarah Bureau, sbspecs, St. Catharines, ON

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