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Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better


Glacier Expression & Autograph Intelligence make increased screen-time a breeze.

Over these last few years, people everywhere have had to work and connect virtually. Every day, these digital connections open new ways to communicate, collaborate and connect. Shamir recognizes the importance of these virtual relationships as a primary component of building trust. Our screen time may have increased, but no one has really addressed the things that may impede a quality online experience: lighting, screen reflections and glare. Until now.

Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better
Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better
Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better

Glacier Expression™ is a high-quality anti-reflective coating that allows wearers to look better, see better, feel better and connect better. Glacier Expression offers an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio for its wearers. Eyecare professionals who tried Shamir’s Glacier Expression lenses saw a dramatic difference in clarity compared to other AR coatings. Thanks to this new formula, not only are wearers able to see more clearly: They’re also able to build connections with minimal distractions from lighting glares, digital device screens and other visual background issues. Glacier Expression offers an optimal solution with several features and benefits:

  • High quality, scratch resistance & outstanding glare reduction formula
  • Improved Aesthetics: removes up to 70% MORE reflection than leading ARs
  • Improved contrast sensitivity and light transmittance for the clearest, sharpest possible vision
  • Minimized visual background noise using signal to noise technology built into the AR coating

Autograph Intelligence™, one of Shamir’s leading flagship lens designs, also gets a very important update. This improved progressive lens design evolves with a wearer’s visual age to adapt to today’s digital environments: smartphones, tablets, computer screens, laptops and more. This award-winning design offers advanced personalization using artificial intelligence and creates progressive lenses that adapt to a person’s visual age while keeping up with their visual needs. Autograph Intelligence also offers several features and benefits:

  • Award-winning and best-of-class bedrock design further refined with over three years of new data, considering the dynamic changes in the way we now interact in our tech-driven society
  • Continuously evolving with cutting-edge data to inform updates to our Continuous Design™, Intellicorridor™ and Visual AI Engine™ technologies
  • Advanced and updated progressive digital lens design, adapted to today’s visual needs, ensuring optimal personalization per Visual Age

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Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better