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ECPs Offer Low-Effort/High-Impact Ideas for Creating Buzz

From streamlined selling approaches to successful marketing tactics, they’re sharing the goods.





Tell us about one low effort/high impact initiative you launched in the last 12 to 18 months?
  • Promoting my practice as a minority and women-owned enterprise. — Sonja F., Austin, TX
  • We offered FREE *select sunglass frames to every patient who bought a frame and lenses (with or without Insurance Benefits) and/or an Annual Supply of contacts. We ran that from Jan 22 to Labor Day and gave away 700 Suns. Most lensed them in Rx as a great 2nd pair. — Don S., Peoria, IL
  • We have launched a collaboration with Guardian Nation to get free safety-rated, non-Rx glasses to their members. Some people upgrade to Rx. — Emily K., Denver, CO
  • We have a new system to help us gain positive Google reviews. It has worked extremely well and has helped us have more new patients. — Dierdre F., Littleton, CO
  • Added the Slack app to help team communication. — Scott M., Christiansburg and Salem, VA
  • Personal growth lessons every Monday at our staff meetings. — Ben T., Miami, FL
  • Advertising on Facebook. — David J., Tyler, TX
  • Selling more private label contact lenses. We don’t pay royalties, we’re a franchise, and the product is every bit as good, if not better, than the higher cost name brands. — Lee W., Colorado Springs, CO
  • Increased bonuses made per AR sale. — Colby S., Dothan, AL
  • Being more visible on Facebook and Instagram. — Becky G., Owasso, OK
  • We offer a lens option to patients that fit a particular criteria. It is not covered by vision care plans and requires additional testing. Doctors were expected to “soft sell” the lens and then the opticians would fit. It did not work for us; too much was lost in translation and our sales were dismal. I had the idea to swap it around and have the doctors make a professional recommendation based on symptoms then leaving the heavy lifting to the opticians. It increased sales of this product by over 200%. — Amie R., Spring Hill, TN
  • Moving office cleaning in-house. Our coworkers now have a rotating schedule for cleaning the office. Impact is an impeccably clean space and accountability between teammates to see the job through. Each employee has a partner that week and only cleans once every six weeks at the end of the day. Cost: $0. — A Blake H., Alma, GA
  • All comprehensive eye exams include a retinal photo at no extra charge. — Robert E., Oakland Park, FL
  • I wrote a nice year end office wrap up that patients enjoyed; it was the first time we did anything like that. — Marc U., Pine Beach, NJ
  • We began a second pair promo which includes a free frame (cost us $5 or less) and 50% off the second pair of lens. The lab we use supports this with the same 50% off second pair lens. — Pam H., Port Arthur, TX
  • Telling every patient about photochromic lenses and the importance of a tinted lens or sunglass. — Sophia P., Huntley, IL
  • Last yeat my Maui Jim rep suggested having a let’s have a trunk show for National Sunglasses Day (June 26). It’s summertime in Jupiter FL not many people are here, but I had a poster made for my window and postcards. I called anyone who had purchases Maui Jim’s from me. I’ve had many events through the years and always wanted to do $10,000 but it never happened. But my Maui event was AWESOME and we did over $16,000, a one-woman show with no doctor in 860 square feet. — Julie U., Jupiter, FL
  • We concentrated more on social media, highlighting our staff and products simultaneously. We wanted to show a connection between our staff and the community. — John B., Middlefield, OH
  • I converted a bunch of old non-selling frames into designer readers. Sold them out within a week. — David G., Newport Beach, CA
  • I write thank you cards for everyone who purchases something. I have received many thank you for taking the time to write them. My patients are extremely impressed I took the time. — Dorothy R., Fairfield, CT
  • Having patients fill out a personal questionnaire so we can better pinpoint their wants and needs. — Sydney T., Pasadena, MD
  • Automation of eyewear dispense follow up texts with Weave. — Jason K., Phoenix, AZ
  • Coming into the office at least an hour before we open. It’s the main time I’m able to get anything done. — Travis L. Logan, UT
  • We have hired a marketing company. — Lisa S., Vancouver, WA
  • To simplify all processes in our practice. Use as little time and as little paper as possible to get information across to employees and to patients. — Morgan D., Carmi, IL
  • Four-day work week, closed on Wednesday. Staff salaries were not changed and gross business stayed almost the same. — Texas S., Citrus Heights, CA
  • We redesigned our landing page for exams to make the effort to schedule and exam in a few easy clicks. It is making a difference in converting traffic into new exams and minimize the effort for an existing client to return. Night and day difference! — Steve N., Westlake, OH
  • Started using ABBVerify to help with insurance verification. Big time savings for the staff when trying to find which vision plan the patient has! — Mark P., Orlando, FL
  • This year is looking into the small things. Are copays being collected? Are my insurance billers billing timely? Are we writing off unnecessary things. Are my optical staff maximizing sales and collecting correct copays? — Valorie D., Okeechobee, FL
  • Appointments! They are not only necessary for the doctor, but for shopping, adjustments… — Ron C., The Villages, FL

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