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What You Need To Be Doing In Your Business This May




What You Need To Be Doing In Your Business This May

WEEK 1 / MAY 2-6

MARKETING Highlight your
optical team’s favorite frame line.
Create window and store displays
that are as much about the
brand as the frames themselves.

NETWORKING May 6 is School
Nurse Day. Bring a goodie bag to
local school nurses with business
cards, supplies and advice. Better
yet, invite them to your office for
a talk on a useful topic like conjunctivitis
or vision therapy.

PREPAREDNESS If you live in an
geographic area with potential
natural disasters, ask your patients
if they have an emergency
kit — and be sure they include a
spare pair of glasses.

WEEK 2 / MAY 9-13


NETWORKING Join a group like
ODs on Facebook, Opticians on Facebook or Luxury Eyewear

TRAINING Make sure everyone
on your team is ready to answer
the question, “Why should you
want to do business with me?”

MARKETING Prom season is
here, and gown shops and tux
dealers shouldn’t get all the action.
Promote prom-ready eyewear.
(Colored contact lenses,
anyone?) Investigate cross-promotions
with local dressmakers
and tuxedo-renters.

WEEK 3 / MAY 16-20

STAFF Has your staff turned in
summer vacation requests?

report on patients who have
significant diagnoses, like glaucoma,
and audit their appointment
histories. If they have dropped out of regular care, a personal call
from the doctor can reinforce the
importance of monitoring.


ONLINE Spend some quality
time with your competitors’
websites, both locally and those
of national vision chains and
online optical retailers. What can
you do better?

WEEK 4 / MAY 23-27

DISPLAY Think of window displays
and in-store displays like
a visual version of your elevator
script: They should make a clean
and powerful statement. And
remember, your window displays
do not belong to your sales reps,
they belong to you.

MANAGEMENT For the next
two weeks, free up two hours a
day to manage your team. Delegate
some admin work, drop less
important meetings and spend
the extra time coaching employees.
Their extra productivity will
outweigh your “lost” hours.

STORE Notice it getting warmer
in your store? Your air conditioning
could be ready for a pre-summer

WEEK 5 / MAY 30-JUN 3


CLIENT SERVICE Begin training
your staff to give first-time customers
a tour of your store. This
is a good way to break the ice and
make newcomers feel welcome.

LEGAL Inspect sidewalks and
driveways to identify areas where
people might trip. Call a contractor
if repairs are needed.

LABORATORIES Conduct a lab
review. Make a pro and con list.
What does your lab continue to
do well? Do they make the same
mistakes more than once? Consider
pricing. Is your lab costing
you more than you save (from
mistakes, poor quality, unhappy
clients, etc.)?

What You Need To Be Doing In Your Business This May

This article is an online extra for INVISION Online.

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of INVISION.


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