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Mastering Sales & Style: 6 Lessons Learned From TV

Art may imitate life but that doesn’t mean it still can’t teach us a few things we can use in the real world.




IN THE REALM OF television lifestyle shows, crafting engaging seven-minute segments mirrors the art of styling and selling eyewear. My foray into this exhilarating arena has not only honed my ability to share style insights effectively but has also provided invaluable lessons applicable to optical sales training and creating customer experiences.

With over 36 years in the optical industry — from lab technician to optician, image consultant, and now optical style trainer — I thrive on continuous learning, embracing growth, and pushing beyond comfort zones. Each TV segment collaboration has offered numerous lessons, all of which seamlessly translate into the world of optical sales and eyewear styling.

Here are key transferable skills and sometimes hard lessons from my TV journey:

  • Flexibility. Just as in television production, flexibility is crucial in optical sales. Adapting to shifting schedules and unexpected changes while delivering at the highest level is paramount. There are no retakes with live TV or real life!
  • Embracing imperfection. Live TV teaches the importance of embracing imperfection — a challenging but invaluable lesson. Similarly, leading the sales process and showcasing eyewear demands vulnerability, accepting that we won’t always get it right, and being open to client feedback. It’s about pivoting our recommendations, laughing it off, and continuously learning for future styling sessions.
  • Eliminating judgement. Working with diverse personalities on TV emphasizes the value of understanding and adapting to others who are different from us. These are essential skills in customer interactions.
  • Comfort with discomfort. Growth often emerges from uncomfortable situations. Mastering on-camera presence or refining storytelling skills requires embracing discomfort as a catalyst for improvement. The best lessons don’t always feel good.
  • Authenticity. Building trust with viewers and customers depends on our genuine selves, not imitations of others. Being true fosters deep connections and credibility on screen and in our optical galleries.
  • Using curiosity to fuel growth. Stay open, engaged, and focused on meeting the needs of the viewer or patient. It’s about them, not me. Embrace innovative sales language to discover their unique style preferences to keep the eyewear styling consultation fresh and engaging for each viewer or client.

Each lesson learned in television segment production has deeply influenced how I present my ideas within my retail optical and during optical sales workshops. By integrating these skills, eyecare professionals can transform their customer interactions, amplify sales, and craft unforgettable experiences that truly connect with clients. The transition from TV segments to eyewear styling underscores the enduring principles of adaptability, authenticity, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. It’s the thrill of discovery and the infectious energy of personal growth that we infuse into every client buying experience. I hope you let my journey inspire yours to reach new heights in the world of eyewear and customer service.

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