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Good ol’ Maury. Always there to set the record straight.

The advancements in the optical industry simply are amazing.

But… you said!  Oh, never mind.

Too soon?

Know who this sounds like? Brad. Totally something Brad would say.

There’s nothing quite like a well-played 1 … 2 joke.

(Don’t you worry. We’ve got more on the way!)

See? We told you we’d have more! But, seriously. Which 1-2 meme do you like better? The first one or the second?

Oh, no. This sounds like my mom. Did she get to the part about my report card in ninth grade? How embarrassing.

(Though she did want me to pass along that her gout flare up receded.)

“The other left.”


Classic stuff.

Who said you don’t have a good bedside manner?

Side question here: Do you think dogs ever get tired of dog jokes?

Ever see the Futurama episode where Fry asks Leela about her eye? Here’s the scene:

Fry: Can I ask you a question?

Leela: As long as it’s not about me eye.

Fry: Uh…

Leela: Is it about my eye?

Fry: Sort of.

Leela: [sighs] Just ask the question.

Fry: What’s with the eye?

Just another day in the life of an optometrist.

Also a day in the life of an optometrist.

Dude. There’s someone in your eye.


Makes us chuckle every time.

Why you got into the optometry field.

We know it.

You know it.

You know we know it.

We know you know we know it.

It’s cool.

Yeah, those online pictures and descriptions get us every time, too!

Depending on your style of humor, this is either one of the best jokes ever … or one of the worst.

A handy guide to putting on eyewear. Which one are you?

One of childhood’s lesser-known eye hazards is the overly “springy” pop-up book.

Sounds like a case for EnChroma.

Rue McLanahan is right. If you do this, you will immediately wish you were dead.

Older customers are often an eyecare pro’s most eager — sometimes overly eager — client category.

If you enjoyed this meme, you probably enjoy really corny jokes.

Here’s another:

Q. What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur?
A. Douthinkhesaraus

Those “1 or 2?” jokes never get old.

Good advice, with an attached object lesson, for any businesses that cut their own lenses.

A little Lasik humor.

You’ve experienced that patient who had extremely high expectations of their post-Lasik vision, haven’t you?

Isn’t it just like this when you see that person who always wears glasses without glasses?

Anthromorphizing a willful contact lens is always good for a laugh.

Soooo true.

This is even more ingenious than some of the creations in our MacGyver frame gallery.

Use this meme as an aid to help sell those AR treatments.

Yeah, what is it with friends and that “How many fingers am I holding up?” test?

Children’s eyewear on a grown-up’s face? Always good for a laugh.

When a customer goes a little bit overboard with their sunglass choice, it looks sorta like this.

You don’t want to seem desperate, but you really want your glasses back.

Why not post on your social media? They’re posting bad stuff about your business model on theirs.

Pink eye is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Clients are so particular with their brand-new glasses. And not so particular with those same glasses a week later.

Don’t you hate this, non-doctors?

Heh-heh. (Post on your social media for a chuckle.)

Nothing signals the end of one’s day like the removal of one’s contact lenses.

These jokes keep getting cornea and cornea!

… And cornea!

For people with poor vision, life on the other side is hard to imagine.

Post on your social media to see how your clients adjust their eyewear.

Eyecare Memes: 48 Jokes That Will Make Vision Pros Say ‘Same’

Eyecare Memes: 48 Jokes That Will Make Vision Pros Say ‘Same’

Good ol’ Maury. Always there to set the record straight.