Which side will win the eternal battle: Price transparency or customer engagement?
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Nearly 75% of Eyecare Businesses Display Prices on Frames: What About Yours?

Which side will win the eternal battle: price transparency or customer engagement?




Attention all you lovely Brain Squad members out there.

INVISION’s June survey is live!

If you haven’t done so yet, follow this link to our questionnaire on Survey Monkey and fill it out. Well, fill out the survey after you’ve seen to that customer in the front eyeing your summer frames display, that is.

Speaking of frames and displays, and perfectly positioned segues, one of this month’s questions combines both. How exciting!

Do you or don’t you display frame prices in your displays/on your boards?

So far, the responses are decidedly in the “Yes” column. With more than 50 respondents chiming in, nearly 75% have gone that way. However, the comments are where we are finding some fascinating results.


For instance, many of those in the majority “YAY” party are citing concerns about pricing transparency and making things easier on both customers and employees alike. Those in the minority “NAY” camp have compelling reasons for their decisions, too. Many of these responses have centered around the desire to spark customer interaction.

And that’s the beautiful thing about these surveys. There’s rarely one surefire answer that applies to everyone. But it really is cool to learn more about the various approaches that stores take.

This month’s survey also includes questions about:

  • The ideal thermostat setting. (If you’ve ever been part of a temperature war, you know this can be a doozy.)
  • Your email inbox. (Is it taking over your life???)
  • When did you first know you wanted to be an ECP?

So, to recap, the June survey is live. Head there right now if you have 5 minutes to spare. We will parse through the data over the coming weeks. Then you’ll get to read about the results in our next issue. Winner, winner, chicken frickin’ dinner.

The more responses we get, the better the data will be. Jump right in — the water’s warm!



The Brain Squad is INVISION’s monthly survey panel, made up of owners and top managers of eyecare businesses across the country who have volunteered to participate. Each month, members are emailed a short survey consisting of multiple-choice and short, open-ended questions. Responses are used in departments and feature stories throughout INVISION.


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