Owner likes working with independent eyewear makers.

Tulsa’s Hicks Brunson Eyewear has been a family operation since its founding in 1949. Says store manager Daniel Brunson, great-grandson of Hicks Brunson, “In each generation, the father would tell the kids, ‘I want you to do other things; explore your options,’ and then some of us came back and decided we liked the family business.” Daniel, who went to work in the family business in 2000, “found that I loved working with people and the combination of art and science that is involved.” Brunson likes working with small, independent manufacturers such as Tom Davies, Zero G, Sama Eyewear and French company Face a Face. “It’s rewarding to work with these independent companies as opposed to larger companies,” says Brunson, “because I can get to know them, just like in a family business like ours, where our customers know us and we know them.”

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Optometric Practice in a Small Town

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