ReadeRest for glasses gets $150,000 from QVC.

His friends all told him not to do it, but Rick Hopper had an idea for how to get the attention of potential investors on “Shark Tank,” and he stuck with it. Walking out in front of the cameras, Hopper tripped and fell, losing his glasses – thus demonstrating one compelling reason for the product for which he was seeking funding. Hopper’s ReadeRest is a magnetic clip that keeps glasses securely in place, whatever the circumstances. “For a split second, when I popped up off the floor, the sharks had that look on their face like ‘what an idiot,’” says Hopper. “But once they realized it was intentional to show that the ReadeRest keeps your glasses safe, even in a violent situation, they got it.” And he got it: $150,000 in start-up money from QVC.

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