Monthlies, however, still own the highest market share.

According to consumer research firm GfK, U.S. sales of daily contact lenses accounted for 31 percent of contact lens sales from June to November of 2015, which is up 16 percent from the same period four years ago. Meanwhile, sales of weekly lenses fell from 44 percent to 28 percent in the same four-year timeframe. GfK adds that sales of monthly lenses remain level, accounting for 40 percent of sales in 2015 compared to 39 percent in 2011.

Sonia Martin, business group director (optics) at GfK, describes the contact-lens landscape like this:

“Daily lenses have been disruptive, pushing familiar reusable options to the background and winning over consumers with a low-maintenance and high-cost vision solution. … Dailies continue to present tremendous opportunity for category growth and increased revenues, all the while promoting eye health. Reusable lenses are not dead – they are evolving through the latest innovations and a more palatable price point.”

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