Company says eye doctors are refusing to turn over prescriptions.

Utah-based 1-800-Contacts has filed 3,200 complaints against optometrists in Arizona for allegedly not providing patients’ prescriptions to the company, reports.

According to the article, 1-800 Contacts filed the complaints with the state Board of Optometry and requested that the optometrists be censured or fined, or have their licenses suspended or revoked. Speaking with the news outlet, Stacey Meier, president of the state optometric association, said that his members “know and follow the law and that there's no requirement that optometrists respond if the prescription is valid,” adding that 1-800 Contacts “can fill a prescription if they don't hear back within eight business hours under ‘passive verification’ rules.”

The report says this measure is just the latest that 1-800 Contacts has taken in its effort to fight minimum prices that have been set by contact lens makers. The company has already been successful in swaying the Utah legislature to pass a law prohibiting the contact lens companies from setting price minimums.