An eye doctor tells it straight.

In a blog post for The Optometry Times, optometrist Justin Bazan of Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn, NY lists five ways to dissuade patients from choosing online refraction tests over in-person visits to the eye doctor. In explaining the thinking of those patients who have taken to eyecare apps, he doesn’t mince words: “Patients don’t value your care or the experience they have in your office more than they value online programs and apps. In fact, they are telling you that they would rather do business with them than you. You can say, ‘Well, they just want the prescription, and they don’t care about their eye health.’ Yes – that is exactly what they are saying.”

To that end, he writes, it’s up to the ECP to help patients understand the value of getting a comprehensive eye exam. One way to do that is reminding the patient that her appointment isn’t just about the prescription. “Tell them that you are doing both a vision exam and an eye health exam—and don’t forget to tell them why! People will learn better if you throw a ‘because’ in there.” The link below offers four more tips and is altogether a useful read for ECPs as the industry navigates a disruptive technology.

Read more at The Optometry Times


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