There are a few theories.

There has been a 50 percent decline in the number of Lasik and other laser-vision-correction surgeries since 2007, writes the GazetteExtra, which lists some possible reasons as to why. Dr. Kerry Solomon, president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, spoke with the outlet to offer her own ideas:

“I can't tell you exactly why Lasik volumes are down, but there are some ideas and theories. One is that the economy hasn't fully recovered. Two, we're dealing with a different generation, millennials, and millennials make decisions differently. Maybe they have different priorities. Maybe the millennial generation won't adopt Lasik to the same extent the baby boomers did. Maybe they will, and we have to reach out to them differently.”

Additionally, the article notes that there’s less marketing of Lasik now than during the procedure’s heyday between 2000-2007, as well as the increase in websites that tell sobering stories about patients who now suffer debilitating side effects from the procedure.

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