Could he become a brand spokesman?

Vice President Joe Biden’s affection for Ray-Ban sunglasses is well-known, and CNN even says his looks has become “somewhat iconic” over the years.

Now the politician is joking about a possible future with the eyewear company.

During a campaign speech on a recent sunny day in Tampa, FL, he received cheers when he put on his sunglasses, CNN reports.

That prompted him to crack: "Sorry, I'm doing this because maybe when I need a job, Ray-Ban may have me as a sponsor.” (Scroll down to watch a video of the moment unfolding.)

Biden says he’s been wearing the populator aviator sunglasses since age 15. The Skimm has quotes him saying he has to get new Ray-Bans several times a year, as when he puts his sunglasses down, “sometimes people steal them for souvenirs.”

The vice president was on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

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