The company has a new patent.

Facebook appears to have found a way to undermine the ubiquitous sales of fake sunglasses and other products through its platform.

The social media giant has filed a patent application for technology that could detect “a logo that an advertiser may have incorporated into its advertisements without permission,” Business Insider reports.

The news site explains that “this means the likes of Ray-Ban would be able to track down rogue sellers using its logo to flog their wares — even if they have carefully avoided using its name in the post to avoid text filters.” Such sellers often spam Facebook by posting on various pages and in groups.

Of course, there’s no way to know yet whether the patent will actually result in a working product. But it’s a sure sign that the issue of fake designer merchandise is on Facebook’s radar.

Facebook explained that “due to the sheer volume of images, it is infeasible for each image to be analyzed by a human.”

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