And it may be safer to go without such eyewear.

Australia’s largest health insurer is warning that cheap sunglasses may do more harm than good.

The company, Bupa, makes the claim in a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Herald Sun reports. It recommends that sunglasses be labeled with safety classifications.

Greg McPherson, general manager for Bupa Optical, told the newspaper: “Low-quality and non-compliant sunglasses may absorb light but allow UV radiation through, which can actually be more dangerous for people than if they wore no sunglasses.”

The concern isn’t necessarily new, and it’s one that has surfaced in the U.S., as well.

In June, SELF magazine quoted Dr. Joann Kang of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, elaborating on the issue.

"When you're wearing dark sunglasses, your pupils can dilate — instead constricting as they normally do in sunlight — and thus let in more UV light," Kang said.

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