It could help people with diseases and injuries.

A new concept for a contact lens with an “artificial iris” could help people with a variety of eye diseases and injuries.

The idea was shared recently at the International Electron Devices Meeting, which was held in San Francisco, IEEE Spectrum reports. The lens “uses concentric LCDs to mimic the expansion and contraction of the pupil that’s normally controlled by the iris,” the website explains.

That could be a boon for people who have problems of the iris, since for them, “being out in the sun or just under bright indoor light is painful,” IEEE Spectrum notes.

The concept is part of the work of Professor Herbert De Smet of the University of Ghent in collaboration with other researchers.

But there’s still significant work to be done on the idea.

The researchers know how to make each component, including LCDs, solar cells and drivers, work. But they still need to get them all to function together.

Read more at IEEE Spectrum


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