About 5,000 ECPs use his product.

Madison.com has published an extended profile of Scott Jens, co-founder of RevolutionEHR, in which he talks about how the company became one the fastest-growing in America.

Jens, who started his career as a practicing optometrist, realized the need for specialized software while operating his first clinic, Isthmus Eye Care, in Madison, WI, according to Madison.com.

Optometry practices were growing more complex in Wisconsin at the time as they “started to expand their patient services beyond regular vision care to include treating eye diseases and minor surgical procedures,” the news site reports.

Today, the electronic health records company he founded with Jim Schneider 10 years ago is consistently honored as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. Approximately 5,000 ECPs use the product.

One key to success: The 175-employee business is completely virtual, which cuts down on overhead.

“Our productivity is very high,” Jens said. “We eliminate the commute, and employees work from a very comfortable place.”

He said that someday, perhaps a decade or so in the future, the company may decide to go public through an IPO.

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