Eye tiredness and dryness shouldn't be "normal."

CooperVision is showing off its new Biofinity Energys contact lenses, which it claims combat digital eyestrain, at the CES 2017 technology show in Las Vegas.

And Digital Trends reports that the product might be the "must-have" item of the event.  

CooperVision announced the launch of the product in July. About 7,000 optometrist offices have now fitted patients with the lenses, according to Digital Trends.

CooperVision says seven in 10 adults experience discomfort that comes with long hours of digital device use, yet the condition is often dismissed as “normal” by a population that has become accustomed to a digital lifestyle.

The new monthly-wear lenses combine a moisture-retaining material and a smooth, naturally wettable surface intended to provide comfort.

Dr. Michele Andrews, senior director of CooperVision, said: "There’s no reason for eye tiredness and dryness to be the 'new normal' for the millions of contact lens wearers who are looking at screens throughout the day."

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