He'd experienced years of insecurity.

A British man recently posted on Reddit about getting surgery for lazy eye — and he says the results have been life-altering.

Ryan Williams posted before-and-after photos and wrote: "Life changing surgery comes in all shapes and sizes. 24 years of insecurity and I can finally start living my life properly."

The post received 59,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Health.com, which interviewed Williams, 25, by email, quoted him saying he'd always dreaded dealing with new people, who often couldn't tell if he was looking at them or not.

He told the site that three weeks post-surgery, "I can't help but smile every time I look in the mirror." He feels more confident and is much more comfortable with social interactions now.

He said the difference in his life is "amazing."

Surgery for lazy eye, or strabismus, involves making precise adjustments to the eye muscles.

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A lot of people asked for a recovery update pic!
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