They have enhanced stereoscopic vision.

Dressmakers seem to have better stereoscopic vision than other people, according to a new study.

Adrien Chopin of the University of California at Berkeley studied 13 professional dressmakers and 21 non-dressmakers. All of the dressmakers had significant experience sewing manually rather than with a sewing machine.

The dressmakers had better 3-D vision than the other study participants. 

What's not yet clear is whether working as a dressmaker leads to better stereoscopic vision, or having good stereoscopic vision simply puts people in a strong position to succeed as professional dressmakers.

Chopin, who is a postdoc in visual neuroscience, suspects that it could be the former.

He tells NPR: "It's very fine manual tasks — at close range, with direct feedback. If you misplace the needle just a little, you get pain. That's direct feedback on your vision."

Chopin is hopeful that further study will lead to solutions for individuals who have problems with 3-D vision.

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