Hmmm, why not sell them cheaper?

Warby Parker cofounder Dave Gilboa explained in a recent newspaper interview how it was he came to create the hugely successful online retailer in 2010. “I had decided to go back to business school — got into Wharton. Before starting, I took a few months off to travel. When I was travelling, I lost my glasses in Thailand. They had cost me $700. So I showed up to the first day of school without owning a pair of glasses, even though I was a full-time student. I went my whole first semester without owning a pair of glasses and would complain to anyone who would listen about why glasses were so expensive.”

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Optometric Practice in a Small Town

Practicing in a small town gives you the diversity and opportunities to practice full-scope optometry. See how one OD found professional and personal fulfillment in a small town.


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