Cas Flores recently shared a story in the Opticians on Facebook group, and it isn't for the faint of heart. All we can say is "ouch."INVISION NoseRink

She gave us permission to republish the tale. In her words:

Y'all ..... I'm done for today and maybe for life.

I have a nose ring and sometimes the post sticks out. I try and make sure it doesn't because it looks like a booger. So, here I am measuring a lady for a PAL and she licks her thumb and tries to grab what she thinks is the booger. She yanks so hard, it pulls the stud through my nose! 

My eyes water and nose starts to bleed.

What in the hell is wrong with people?! Personal space! 

She said her motherly instinct kicked in and she just did it.

Good thing my friend is a PA and is coming with a lidocaine shot to try and extract it for me.

We followed up to see how it all turned out.

"The hole is a little bigger than it was," Flores said, "but I'm good!"

When you work with the public, it's best to expect the unexpected. Either that, or wear a protective mask at all times!


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