It doesn't include any digital products.

Wisconsin optometrist Kellye Knueppel has unveiled her 2017 list of vision-friendly children's gifts.

This year's version, which Knueppel published on the website of her practice, The Vision Therapy Center, includes 107 products.

The American Optometric Association quoted Knueppel saying, "Many of the toys and games on the list are tried and true. I look first at which visual skills would be needed to play. Second, and just as importantly, I consider whether children love playing with a toy or game and will play with it many times."

The list includes items in categories such as space-perception toys, building toys and memory games. Some example entries the Color Cube Sudoku puzzle set, the Jumpin' Monkeys game and the VEX Robotics building set. game.

None of the toys on the list are digital, computer or video games, AOA noted.

In fact, Knueppel said the list arose "because we became increasingly concerned about the number of gifts that could potentially adversely affect a child’s visual development, such as computers and hand-held devices."

She says that for new toys, she often buys the product and tries it herself.

The AOA's InfantSEE and Children's Vision Committee also has developed a list of age-appropriate games and toys as a resource for optometrists and their patients. Click here to view the list.

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