It was encased in a cyst.

A woman's contact lens has turned up in a surprising place — her eyelid — 28 years after she lost it.

The woman was being seen by doctors in the United Kingdom because she had a bulge in her left eyelid, according to an article in BMJ Case Reports. It was, in fact, a cyst.

When the cyst was surgically removed, doctors found that it contained bits of a hard contact lens.

Newsweek reports that the 42-year-old woman had, at age 14, taken a blow to the eye while playing badminton.

According to the BMJ Case Reports article: "The patient assumed that the RGP lens fell out and was lost; however, it can be inferred that the lens migrated into the eyelid and resided there asymptomatically for 28 years."

It's not know why the woman suddenly developed symptoms after all this time.

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