They're for people who want to unplug.

If you've tried and failed to reduce the amount of time you spend staring at electronic screens, entrepreneur Scott Blew and artist Ivan Cash might have just what you need.INVISION IRLglasses

They've created a product called IRL Glasses that blocks light coming from LCD and LED screens, Wired reports. When you're wearing them, screens seem to go dark.

A Kickstarter campaign for the glasses recently exceeded its goal of raising $25,000. (As of Wednesday evening, nearly $92,000 had been pledged.)

To create glasses, they started with Casper, a film that blocks light from screens. Then they "realized that any polarized lens rotated 90 degrees and flattened could produce the same screen-blocking effect," Wired reports.

Cash said the product is "a concept piece" that makes a statement in an era when everyone is glued to screens.

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