“Hey, Mom, those Mykitas are pretty cool.”

A newspaper in Washington State is reporting that some parents there are neatly navigating the Affordable Care Act to get high-end designer eyeglasses for their kids. The ACA mandates that there be “no maximum dollar limit on essential health benefits,” and some customers are interpreting that to mean “a run of the display case” of top brands with a full complement of bells and whistles. One vision clinic in Walla Walla checked with a number of insurance companies and “verified that … kids can choose whatever they want. We’re so used to dollar limits or discount plans, so when this came along, we really weren’t forewarned.”

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Optometric Practice in a Small Town

Practicing in a small town gives you the diversity and opportunities to practice full-scope optometry. See how one OD found professional and personal fulfillment in a small town.


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