Even surfers now have jobs.

Named by the company’s founders, a pair of self-described “punk-assed kids” from LaJolla, Crap Eyewear was launched as a line of $60 throw-aways with style. “You can break them and take them to the beach and party in them and lose them,” says creative director Peter Nussbaum, one of the aforementioned punk-assed kids. “If people steal them, it doesn’t matter.” Like Nussbaum, who is now 28, Crap’s target-audience of the skateboarders and surfers is growing up. This month Crap, which has hired a new marketing director, debuts a sleeker and more expensive deluxe line. “As our customers get a little older and have jobs,” says Nussbaum, “they can’t walk into work looking like complete crazy people.”

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