(Press Release) Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd., the largest single location, family-owned and operated independent wholesale optical laboratory in the United States, has released TheraBlue, the latest technology in HEV Blue Light Protection.

TheraBlue is an almost clear lens unlike other Blue Light protection products currently in the marketplace. It is not a coating like some other products and does not have a purple or blue reflective color.

It does not have a yellow, orange or peach color like some other products in the market. The UV and HEV Blue Light protection comes from the lens material itself. Unlike some of the coating products which reflect the Blue Light, TheraBlue absorbs and filters the damaging HEV (Blue Violet) light and at the same time it allows for the good Blue Light (Blue Turquoise).

TheraBlue is available in single vision, progressive lenses, digital round bifocals, and computer lenses. It is available in three different materials: 1.67, 1.60 and an impact resistant 1.56.

TheraBlue is compatible with a wide variety of Anti-Reflective coatings and can be ordered with or without AR.


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