(Press Release) MINNEAPOLIS – Back to school is an opportunity for ECPs to showcase the ways they focus on the eye health of kids, teens and grown-ups alike. Walman Optical’s Back to School campaign provides various resources including patient education on relevant topics such as blue light, complete eyewear packages for patients of all ages, and profitable frame and lens promotions.

Walman Optical created educational resources to help practices prepare for the upcoming back-to-school season, including tools designed to assist in explaining to patients the importance of digital lenses, non-glare, Transitions, blue light protection, sports eyewear and more.

These features, along with more frame and lens options, are available in the Way Cool, C&B Scene and ProLens packages, which are aimed at making it easier to prescribe high-quality and affordable complete eyewear for every patient. These packages are available year-round and aim to provide savings for practices and patients.

To further increase the profit potential for ECPs, now through Oct. 14, ECPs can receive cash bonuses, lab credit and premium gifts through the frame and lens promotions for kids, teens and grown-ups.