(PRESS RELEASE) RANCHO CORDOVA, CA — In keeping with its commitment to provide eye care professionals with the latest technology, VSP Optics Group unveiled TechShield Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings. This new family of lens enhancements utilizes advanced technology to make AR easier to understand, dispense, and rely upon. 

“It is our top priority to utilize the latest technology to provide independent eye care professionals with high-quality products that are simple to dispense and easy to wear,” said Randy Dannewitz, Sr. Vice President of Strategic Development for VSP Optics Group.

The entire TechShield portfolio is grounded in simplicity, featuring a streamlined lineup of four core products, simple language, straightforward benefits, and near-limitless lens compatibility.  And the portfolio’s simplicity does not come at a cost to performance. In addition to providing exceptional visual performance and cosmetic appearance, TechShield outperformed the industry-leading AR coating in independent testing for scratch resistance, while receiving “excellent” grades for glare and reflection reduction, cleanability, oil and water resistance, and UV protection.*

“With feedback from VSP network doctors, TechShield AR was designed to provide ECPs an alternative to overwhelming portfolios, confusing terminology, and compatibility limitations,” Dannewitz said. “It’s an attractive, easy-to-understand, easy-to-dispense offering that allows eye care professionals to spend less time worrying about the nuances of coatings and more time helping their patients see and look their best.”

TechShield AR is available to order today and will be available on all lens designs and materials, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Visit TechShieldAR.com to view the full portfolio, product specs, availability, and benefits.

* ISO standard Bayer rating tests were conducted by an independent analytical laboratory in order to compare TechShield AR to the industry leading anti-reflective coating.  Coating properties/attributes such as scratch-resistance, cleanability, adhesion, and durability were analyzed.  TechShield AR received overall superior scores to the leading anti-reflective coating.

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