For Vision-Ease Lens’ dedication to making more sustainable lenses, Minnesota Business Magazine named the manufacturer its Sustainability Award winner during its recent 2014 Manufacturing Awards in Minneapolis.

The Sustainability Award is given to manufacturers that strive to produce products that are better for the environment through smart and successful initiatives. Vision-Ease Lens began its efforts in the early 2000s; to date, the company has decreased its carbon emission by 98 percent, and has converted to 100 percent renewable energy at its Ramsey, MN, facility.

“We wanted to set a new standard for optical lens manufacturing through these initiatives, to measure success in part by how lenses are made. We appreciate and are deeply honored by this award from Minnesota Business,” said Doug Hepper, president and CEO of Vision-Ease Lens.

Vision Ease's lenses include LifeRx and ChangeRx light-responsive lenses, SunRx and Coppertone polarized lenses, and Novel and Novella progressive line-free lenses.

Highlights of Vision-Ease Lens’ sustainability initiatives include:

Creating packaging that incorporates less plastic and 35 percent post-consumer recycled content.

Eliminating 10.5 pounds of CO2 emissions per pair of lenses produced with renewable energy in Ramsey; 10,000 pairs equals the reduction of carbon release of the electricity to power six homes for one year.

Saving 799.2 metric tons of CO2 emissions through energy-efficient fluorescent lighting


Streamlining manufacturing of light-responsive lenses, to save 12,872 gallons of gas and 113 metric tons of CO2 emissions in the first year alone.


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