(PRESS RELEASE) De Rigo Vision will officially celebrate its 40th anniversary, marking the company’s journey from a small Italian, family-run business to a major player in the international eyewear sector.

To commemorate the milestone, the group has launched initiatives including a dedicated booth design at the show, the introduction of a new 40th anniversary logo design in partnership with IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and the launch of the Fondazione  De Rigo.

In a span of four decades, “Charme Lunettes,” established in 1978 by brothers Ennio and Walter, has become “De Rigo,”  offering the quality of fine Italian manufacturing through the development of its global business model. With over 3,000 employees across 16 branches worldwide, De Rigo’s legacy resides in the hands of the second generation of the family, Ennio and Emiliana De Rigo, with the support of their children Massimo and Barbara. Forging countless partnerships with important players in fashion and luxury from international designer brands such as Chopard, Céline, Fendi and Givenchy and prestigious Italian fashion brands like Blumarine, Furla, Prada and Trussardi, the group has made its mark on the world with over 136 million frames produced. Further strengthening De Rigo’s position in the market is the continued success of its house brands, Sting (1985), Police (1983), and the takeover of Lozza (1983), the oldest eyewear brand in Italy, founded in 1878.

In parallel with the anniversary, De Rigo has unveiled its new foundation, Fondazione De Rigo. Making a longtime dream a reality, this newly established project for youth focuses on supporting educational programs for personal growth, intellectual development and the promotion of art, defined as creativity and self-expression. Further reaffirming the group’s dedication to the next generation, the graphics for the new foundation and 40th logo were created in partnership with IED in Venice.

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