Shamir Insight, Inc. has updated their RCPV Rewards program, including product eligibility and point allocations. 

The RCPV program is Shamir’s customer loyalty rewards program. Participants earn points by selling 15 pairs of qualified Shamir lenses in one calendar month. Once the 15 pair minimum is reached, practices accumulate points according to the Shamir lenses dispensed. To view the different point values for each lens, practices can log on to

The program is functioning the same as in the past – participants continue to earn points by dispensing Shamir premium PALs and have the ability to cash in their points for money or prizes – there are simply a few product updates, which have been outlined below.


Points will no longer by given for Creation sales, however, Creation sales will continue to count towards the 15 pair minimum.


Duo sales will now count toward the 15 pair minimum, however, no points will be given for Duo sales.


Glacier Plus, Shamir’s premium AR Coating, is now eligible for Shamir RCPV Rewards at the following points per pair:

Shamir Glacier Plus: 750 pts/pair*

*Points will be given for Glacier Plus, however, sales will not count toward the 15 pair minimum.

Shamir’s RCPV Rewards Program continues to include prizes such as Apple products, housewares, electronics, optical items, personalized giveaway items, as well as gift cards from several popular retailers including Visa, Target, and Walmart. Program participants can log in to view the complete selection of prizes available on the site at


“It is our goal with our rewards program to ensure practices have the best prizes and rewards dollars available to them. We strive to create a program that fulfills the needs of every Shamir RCPV program participant and we hope these program updates will help to achieve that goal,” said Mark Becker, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.


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