Almost 70 percent of U.S. adults suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain, including tired eyes, blurred vision and headaches. To help these consumers better protect their eyes, Zeiss offers a complete portfolio of lenses and coatings with Digital Inside technology.

“Increased use of devices like tablets and smartphones is changing the way people use their eyes, and ZEISS is the company that better understands the visual demands created by extended viewing of digital devices,” said Uli Krauss, CEO, Carl Zeiss Vision U.S.A. “ZEISS now has a portfolio of eyeglasses uniquely designed to enhance the digital device viewing experience and alleviate the negative effects associated with extended device usage.”

ZEISS is releasing two major product lines that address digital device viewing needs in an all-day pair of eyeglasses:

  • ZEISS Precision Portfolio: A line of progressive lenses with ZEISS’ proprietary Digital Inside Technology enables wearers to move easily between viewing their devices and the world with optimum clarity and comfort. It also offers personalization for factors unique to the individual patient, accommodating any frame, facial anatomy and visual lifestyle.
  • ZEISS Duravision BlueProtect: An anti-reflective coating specially tuned to filter out harmful blue light from digital screens and indoor lighting, helping to prevent age-related macular degeneration and sleep disorders associated with nighttime blue light exposure.

The ZEISS Precision Portfolio and DuraVision BlueProtect join existing ZEISS products to provide a comprehensive digital viewing solution for all wearers and situations. These products include:

  • ZEISS Digital Lens: All-day lens designed specifically for younger consumers who expect uncompromising distance vision, but need relief from digital eye strain. ZEISS Digital Lens provides a boost of power for easier focusing and more natural posture during digital device viewing.
  • ZEISS Officelens: Offered in three working distances, ZEISS Officelens is the perfect specialty lens for presbyopes who work in office/workstation environments. Officelens allows superior clarity and comfort for computer work and other indoor activities.

“Digital devices are part of the fabric of our lives, and to provide a true all-day viewing experience today, lenses must address the unique visual demands they create,” said Krauss. “With the launch of the ZEISS Precision portfolio and ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect, ECPs can now provide this experience for almost any patient."


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