Shamir Insight has announced updates to its digital measurement device, Shamir SPARK (Single-shot Panorameter Augmented Reality Kit).

The 3D measuring tool utilizes an iPad camera and automatically calculates all frame measurements based on one picture.

SPARK replaced Shamir’s previous manual Panorameter Kit. That device took the following as-worn measurements: panoramic angle, pantoscopic tilt and vertex distance.

The new SPARK takes all these measurements as well as the fitting height, mono PD, HBOX, VBOX and DBL with just one picture.

These as-worn measurements are necessary to customize several of Shamir’s Freeform products to offer patients a more precise fit.

The upgrades to the SPARK include a single calibration. Users calibrate after installation and no longer need to calibrate at the start of each use.

Shamir has rearranged the fitting height and PD measurements to display in the first stage of measurements.

Near PD and effective diameter have been added to the provided measurements.

SPARK has a new archive design, which allows easy access to a range of new features, as well as a new home screen, which is more user-friendly, attractive and intuitive.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding our SPARK device.

It is the only digital measurement device on the market that needs just a single photo to be taken, the upgrades to the SPARK make it better than ever,” said Mark Becker, VP of Marketing & Strategic Partnership. “The As-Worn measurements help to make Shamir’s designs personalized to each patient and the device encourages the ECPs to get these measurements from every patient, every time.”

Shamir’s SPARK device is compatible with iPad 3, 4 or iPad Air (Generation 1) and requires that users download Shamir’s App onto their iPad. With six demonstration stations, attendees at Vision Expo East will have a hands-on experience with the new device features. For questions or more information regarding Shamir SPARK, call (877) 514-8330.


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