Converse Eyewear, in collaboration with the World Pro Skiing Foundation, sponsored a mentoring event for young ski racers last week at the Spring Series races held in Sun Valley, ID.

The objective, explains board Chairman Mike Hundert is to help young athletes appreciate that the unique attributes derived from competition are highly leverageable in the business world.

“The passion for success, the commitment to honing skills, the building and tweaking of strategy are all traits held by competitive athletes that are the same qualities sought by business and civic leaders,” explains Hundert.

The World Pro Skiing Foundation intends to host more of these mentoring sessions in the future, working in concert with the U.S. Ski Team, in the hopes of creating sparks of inspiration that lead these remarkable people to think forward to life after race courses.

Hundert, who is also the CEO of REM Eyewear, adds “We at Converse Eyewear are proud to play a small role in a huge and worthy effort.”

Hundert’s background includes having been a ski racing commentator and director of the World Pro Skiing Tour in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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