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Nike Designs Souped-Up Sunglasses for Olympic Athletes That Cost $1,200





Shades were made in collaboration with Zeiss.

Designed for track and field athletes participating in the Rio Olympics, Nike has unveiled a futuristic sunglass model that was developed in collaboration with Zeiss and carries a $1,200 price tag, Slash Gear writes. Per the article, here’s a description of the Nike Wing shades, which the company also refers to as a “sun shield” since they’re made from a single piece of glass that wraps around the face:

“The single-piece frame means there’s no need for hinges, and its reinforced shape is designed to reduce stress and fatigue on an athlete’s face. The glasses wrap around the face beyond the temples, transitioning into a silicone strap that fits over the back of the head, creating an even weight distribution. Other features include a flexible silicone nosepiece, ventilation to prevent fogging and keep the wearer’s brow cool, and ‘enhanced aerodynamics’ with fewer contact points with the skin.”

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