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Not All Superheroes Wear Caps or Boots




I was intrigued to learn that this issue would discuss heroes. Growing up watching Superman on television, I thought that the definition of a hero was a mild-mannered man with geeky glasses who would sneak into phone booths and emerge with a red cape, X-ray vision and the ability to fly anywhere necessary to wipe out evildoers. In the 11th grade, Wonder Woman hit the television scene and I realized that a hero could also be a woman with beautiful hair, a really tiny waist and cool red boots. It made me think that maybe I could be a hero too? I could buy the boots … but the hair and waist, not so much.

But ultimately, I was right. With each new day, we are all given opportunities to be a hero to someone. Let me tell you about my recent encounter with a real-life Wonder Woman.

Four leaf clovers have always reminded me of my dad because we used to hunt for them when I was a little girl. I became quite good at finding them, too! He lived with me for several weeks before entering hospice and passing away last May. During his last days, it seemed every time I turned around I found a four-leaf clover and thought of our times together. This year, a few days before Father’s Day, I was sitting on my patio reading the Father’s Day posts from friends and became very lonely for my dad. “I sure would like to find a four-leaf clover today,” I thought.

“Every day we come into contact with someone who needs help, encouragement or maybe just a smile.”

That evening, I took my dog, The Duker, out for his walk in the park. We usually walk on the wooded path, but I stayed on the track this time because it looked like rain and I wanted to be close to the car. As we were walking, we passed a lady, we smiled, nodded and kept going. A little bit later this same lady walked toward us with a big smile and something in her hand which she held out for me to take. A four-leaf clover! She said something, which I did not hear, and kept on going. I was literally stopped in my tracks! Stunned.

I stood there a minute, then turned to chase down this very fast walker. When I caught up to her, I asked her what she had said, “This will bring you good luck,” she repeated. I told her how special it was to me that she did this and through tears, asked if I could hug her. She was so sweet, told me she was sorry for my loss and that she would pray for me.


A brief encounter. A person who followed her instincts and made my day better. My own hero.

Every day we come into contact with someone who needs help, encouragement or maybe just a smile. Always remember, you don’t need a red cape (or cool boots) to be the hero who saves the day for someone else.

REBECCA JOHNSON is a 30-year veteran in the eyecare business. She is the executive director of Business Consultative Services for GPN and owner of EyeTrain4You, an ophthalmic staff training and development company. Contact her at



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