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On Building the Perfect Website, and More Letters to the Editor for April

“That story about websites was enlightening.”




  • That story about websites was enlightening. The reality is we need a digital presence to be noteworthy and make a mark. A great website speaks to your ideal patient and fills your schedule while you sleep. You have control over your website. Why do so many people put so much time and energy into creating content on digital platforms they don’t own like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? At any moment, these platforms can shut down your account. We invested hours on YouTube only to find that every single ad shown on our videos was to “buy glasses online.” We pulled those videos and now send a direct link to our patients. — Diana Canto Sims, Buena Vista Optical, Chicago, IL
  • The recent article prompted me to give our website a new look and refresh the content. It had been a while! — Amina Ebrahim, OD, D Vision Eyecare, Allen, TX
  • SEO optimized websites that are generic and use stock photos help practices that put time and thought into website design gain new patients. — Jason Klepfisz, OD, Urban Eye Care LLC, Phoenix, AZ
  • It comes in handy to have a good IT resource. I would rather pay my IT partner to fix my site than pay a ransom when it gets hacked. Worst case, if you know your website content/design, or even better have a backup of it, they can just recreate it. If you have a WordPress site, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be hacked at some point. — Sarah  Brozzo, Harrison Eye Care, Harrison, MI
  • INVISION always has insightful feature stories. I always take away great tips and suggestions for our practice. Thank you for being our favorite industry publication! — Rita Ellent, OD, The Gardens Eye Care, Forest Hills, NY
  • Great article and food for thought and evaluation of our website today and in the future. Thanks for the great industry and marketing articles. Keep up the amazing job; look forward to the magazine each month! — Verbelee Nielsen-Swanson, Oxford Eyes, Orlando, FL


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